The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler by Luna Star Van Atta
About Luna Star

As a teenager, I had spontaneous out-of-body experiences. At that time I began communicating with my guides. I was 16 years old when I began getting messages from the spirit world.

My first experience of directing energy was in 1975 when my daughter was four years old. She was attacked with an excruciating pain in her head. I used my hands to take the pain away. I went forward to become an energy worker and a teacher and touch other’s lives.

As a young adult, I had a Near Death Experience while in surgery which helped me to become familiar with the ethereal plane. Crossing over changed my life. I gained the ability to communicate even more clearly with angels, ancestors, and ascended masters and also gained a comfort level working on the etheric level to do healing that I had never experienced before.

After graduating from Regis University, Magna Cum Laude I was trained in many energy modalities including Lakota Indian healing techniques, aromatherapy, Tibetan healing, crystals, master-ter-teacher level Reiki, meditation and advanced remote energy methods. I have used my talents as an energy worker to help many people.

I have a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Science through the University of Metaphysics. My thesis is titled The Effects of Electronics on the Spirituality of our Culture. If you would like a copy of my thesis, contact me. I am an ordained minister in Metaphysical Ministry through the University of Sedona.
"Since all time is an omnipresent ‘now,’ it can be accessed by us at any point if we find a way to break free of the constraints of physical thinking." Astral Projection for Beginners ~Edain McCoy

 On this particular phone call, Nina told us there was a nuclear suitcase bomb that had entered the United States. We were to locate it and provide all the information we could gather. We were in the middle of eating our dinner but of course we dropped everything and began to work the target. This was a priority. The information that we provided to Nina could save hundreds of thousands of lives. This was not a viewing we could postpone. 
    I began working target number 4629, 1136. I followed Michael's version of the traditional military protocols he taught me. Name, date, time all at the top of the blank unlined page, using my black Pilot Uni-Ball pen.
    Then I remembered that I had not put protection around myself. Protection is something the military did not teach their viewers, as far as I know. I was taught by a spiritual teacher in Colorado to protect my energy field. In working a target such as this one, I felt I needed to put up protection in case of psychic attack from the terrorists. I placed a thick shield of white light around myself by projecting it out from my heart space and solidified it with a protective outer shell. 

I am blown away by Luna's artful and soulful storytelling. I read it from cover to cover and then read it again, not wanting to miss a single word of wisdom, inspiration, and raw truth that graced every page. The author reminds us that no matter how painful life can be, there is an abundant healing force within and without and new beginnings are never far. While reading this manuscript at times I could feel a rush of energy flow through the pages that left me feeling clearer, more hopeful, and creative then before. This brilliantly crafted and profound manuscript is perfect for any seeker, of any background, at any part of their soul's journey. It reminds us that our lives, our relationships and this crazy world are so much more meaningful and beautiful and simply just more, then we ever imagined. ~Debra Lynne Katz

The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler takes readers on a provocative journey into the mysteries of a world without 3 D vision, where an expanded consciousness can view items and people remotely and intuitively, where murder mysteries can be solved, healing can occur, death is just a transition, and love and sexuality can be profoundly experienced on a non physical plane. Someone who is unfamiliar with the metaphysical perspective may question the truth of the reported experiences, but Luna also presents well-documented references to experiments involving remote viewing and out of body events. Luna takes you on a magical journey that leaves you feeling hopeful about our ability to see a world much larger than our physical dimension, that death is just an open door to a profoundly beautiful experience, and that our potential as humans is much greater that we can comprehend. I hope Luna follows up this “page turner’ with a How To Book for those who want to truly experience travel in the astral planes. ~Wendy J. Fickbohm

Selling insurance by day, astral projection and Remote Viewing at night; follow Luna Star Van Atta's extraordinary adventures in the spirit realms. Luna was initiated into the astral planes at a young age which opened her psychically to connect to life on the other side of the veil. Follow her as she communicates with guides, accomplishes miraculous remote healings, assists loved ones in the transition to death, and enjoys a romance that is literally out of this world. Luna's life out of body will help you to expand your consciousness and push your boundaries past the physical world.

The Secret Life of an Astral Traveler is a true story of Luna Star Van Atta's life beyond the third dimension.​

  I declared any analytical overlay that could keep me from having a clean viewing and dropped into a deep alpha state. I wrote the target number 4-6-2-9, 1-1-3-6 and drew my ideogram. The ideogram is a scribbled line extending off from the last digit of the target number. It is drawn as an impulse or reflexive action and represents connection to the information that is contained within the actual target. Once drawn, the information is unlocked by probing it with your pen. I began to probe my ideogram. 
  I felt the intensity level building in my energetic field. I felt a heightened awareness, super sensitivity. I turned on all of my intuitive and Remote Viewing antennas. Dropping into an alpha brain wave level makes everything seem sharper and more vivid. Colors, sounds, smells, everything is heightened and especially the connection to the collective unconscious; the location of all energetic information. Similar to the "Cloud" internet data storage, the collective unconscious is an etheric data storage location.  
  Within this library of information there is a "Help Desk" that some Remote Viewers have access to. This Help Desk is an astral location that exists to keep viewers on task and to guide them in ways that will help humanity in general. I accessed the "Help Desk" asking for any and all assistance that was available on this target.  
  Probing the ideogram with my pen, information began to flow and I began to get aspects of the target. I picked up the energy of steel and felt the frequencies of a deep gray color... charcoal gray. I tapped on the object with my "astral finger" and perceived it as hard and flat and metallic and cold. 
  I sent my consciousness up above the target about thirty feet and I realized that I was at a container ship in a harbor. I moved around the target 360 degrees to see if from all angles. I raised up even farther, this time a few hundred feet up, to access some identifiable landmarks to determine what harbor the ship was in. I kept going up higher and higher and then realized that I was viewing the East coast of the United States, pinpointing it near Boston.  
  I felt fear start to creep into my awareness. Stay focused! Stay focused! Get the information that is needed to get this threat taken care of. Don't get bogged down with insignificant details. Get the information that will help to resolve the issue. 
  I was able to actually see the ship it was on as I began to "zoom" my consciousness back in for a closer view. I counted ships over from a pier, I drew pictures, I saw which container it was in. The energy from the target was intense. I was on edge. I felt pressure to make sure that my viewings were perfect. I felt that many lives were in my hands and that I was partly responsible for the outcome of what would take place. Intense, intense! Stay focused! Don't get distracted. 
  I moved around the ship and saw a series of letters and numbers on the side near the bow. It can be very difficult to read numbers or letters when Remote Viewing. I felt a lot of pressure about being right. There was a lot at stake in this viewing. What if I provided incorrect information? Or even worse, what if I read the mind of another viewer who was also wrong? That had happened to me before in our Remote Viewing club meetings with another viewer. She and I routinely sat near each other. We would both access the same target information and we would both be wrong. It was good for a laugh but this was not the time for humor.  
Refocus. I wrote the target number again and scribbled a new ideogram. In probing the ideogram, I focused on reading the numbers on the side of the ship. I4NH....I was able to get some of the information. I wrote down the digits I was getting. There were other numbers or letters but I could not get them. Maybe this will at least help. I cannot hold back information just because it might not be complete. 
  Then I raised up above the row of container ships with a bird's eye view so I could get a better view of the location. I took the target number again and scribbled the ideogram. Probe it. Probe it. Get more information. I needed to be perfect. I felt extreme pressure to get the right information. My energy level was so intense and so focused. I had no idea of my surroundings. I was not connected to my physical location. All of my consciousness was with the ship. I got aspects... metal, cold, gray, box like. Okay, I already had that information, what else? What else? What else could I get that would be pertinent? I hated working these intense targets. I felt the extreme burden of having the future of our country on my back. I know that the reason there are many people working the same target is because it is an inexact science. So feeling such pressure was unwarranted but I still felt it. After exhausting all information that I could obtain, I pulled myself back into my physical body and sat back, feeling exhausted from the magnitude of the situation. I was back in the physical world feeling off-kilter and on edge.